Extremism (part one)

Women fighting extremism is the topic of my U.S. visit under the autopsy of the State Department. The first moment I listened to the argument from the organizers in Jerusalem, I giggled at me and said: Oh what would they do if they know about my Hamas tendencies. But later on, I was giving the […]

Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist: The Life and Activism of Anbara Khalidi- A reflection

Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist: The Life and Activism of Anbara Khalidi- A reflection It actually doesn’t happen very often to grab a book from cover to cover in one single strike, especially when it is a book you are handling for research reasons, and you are not really supposed to finish it all. […]

نيجيريا التي انصفت المرأة

Research Paper : Effects of House Demolition on Palestinian Women

Coventry University Center for Peace and Reconciliation Studies Pg Cert. Conflict Resolutions skills EFFECTS OF HOUSE DEMOLITION ON PALESTINIAN WOMEN By Nadia Harhash Presented to Professor Andrew Rigby 24 December 2008 CONTENTS I. Introduction 2 II. Background: Demolitions and Expulsion 4 III. Israeli Justifications for Demolitions 7 IV. The Need for Building Permits 9 V. […]

الجنس : الكلمة الممنوعة المرغوبة

الجنس : الكلمة الممنوعة المرغوبة لا يزال استعمال كلمة “جنس” كاستعمال كلمة سحرية في سجل مفاتيح البحث الاستهلاكي للمزيد من القراء والمشاهدة. الجنس ذلك الممنوع المرغوب ، الممارس في السر والخفاء .في العلن والمجاهرة .تحت الاطر الشرعية والغير شرعية. بما نسميه حلال وما نطلق عليه حرام . يستمر الحديث بشأنه مع شهقة تغلق فيها الشفاه […]

Research Paper :Ibn Rushd ( Averroes) views on Women

My essay in the Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought Ibn Rushd Views on Women

The Problem of Muslims …or Islam

When the Egyptian physician and writer Nawal Sa’dawi wrote about women issues in relation with Islamic patriarchal controlled societies in the last 40 years, she was accused of blasphemy, craziness, and infidelity that led to physical threats for killing and expulsion. Until this day, Nawal Sa’dawi name is treated among Muslims as Salman Rushdie’s with […]

women seem to b…

women seem to be the pre-ad7iyeh (slaughter) of the Eid this month … A nation who dehumanize its women .. can never get to a level of claiming nationhood.. Nations need real men to claim , not savages , who abuse and slaughter their CREATORS ..

Reflection on a bitter reflection

It is just heartrending to watch this all. I do not know what funny, what sarcastic, what ironic, or what simply too sad is. It is all too sad to watch and live. I am still reflecting on your words of yesterday, now on TV, another Egyptian analyst was saying your exact words about a […]

A reflection on a bitter Reality

A reflection on a Bitter Reality , As we are witnessing this massive israelization to Jerusalem as never before, we are also witnessing a colossal thump on our national identity . we are torn into a Fateh and Hamas ,and the occupation is surrounding us expanding its colonies, israelizing our homes and roads, enclaving us […]

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