rammed by media

Browsing through the different news outlets, between israeli and palestinian ones, made me stop and think of how reality is shaped through a certain journalist on one side of each sides.
Sarcastically, however , it is only those from each belonging sides that read that news. taking the murder of the Palestinian young man yesterday , and the riots that took place in Al Tour while the village (neighborhood) people were waiting for the corpse , and reading it from both directions created a sense of a bubble in my head . it remains hard for me to read the word “terrorists” on kind of any passing palestinian probably at some point soon . it is not that i would like to see israeli media that shows compassion and objectivity. it s those very objective, pragmatic , moderate media outlets that use those terms . What i was reading on and on, was the hit-and-run that occurred by ramming four Israeli policemen , whose injuries were mostly light and one was described as moderate. it was the “terrorist” whom they were able to capture later. it was a “terrorist” who was killed on the checkpoint after an attempt to stab with a butcher knife. it wasn’t terror . organized state terror that killed that young man . it wasn’t organized state terror that threatened the family of the bereaved on not receiving the corpse and demanded very limited amount of people (20) to participate in the funeral and at night. it wasn’t the state of terror last night seizing , sieging, attacking Al Tur as people tried to mourn on their own loss. it wasn’t that state of terror that continue to target our children lives. our own lives and being .
and yet, the palestinian media still doesn’t have any category of a definition . while israeli media is totally organized ,and systematic towards the palestinian israeli issue , the palestinian media continue to use opposite means , with stirring emotional sensations that never also give an answer to any given topic.
towards the end it seems , that it is only us , readers, viewers… who get rammed by a hit and run media from both directions…

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