Ibn Khaldun- Al muqaddima

When states collapse, they become filled with miners, beggars, hypocrites, impostors, scribes and reciters, raucous singers, compliant poets, impostors, drummers and tambourine players, fools, fortune-tellers and palm readers, spies, flatterers and slanderers, passers-by and opportunists. Masks are revealed, the incongruous is mixed, appreciation is lost, governance worsens, meanings and words are confused, truth is mixed with lies, and jihad is equated with murder.

When states collapse, terror reigns and people seek refuge in factions. Marvels appear, rumors spread, friends become enemies and enemies become friends. The voice of falsehood rises while the voice of truth fades away. Eerie faces emerge while familiar faces disappear. Dreams become scarce and hope dies. The wise become more isolated, and the features of faces vanish.

The voices of the wise get lost in the noise of preachers and the clamor of those who boast about their affiliations.

Everyone becomes alert and expectant, and the situation turns into projects of migrants. The homeland becomes a departure station, the places we live in become suitcases, homes turn into memories, and memories become stories.

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