Between the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, Naji al Ali, and Nizar Banat stands the international collaboration 

Between the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, Naji al Ali, and Nizar Banat stands the international collaboration 

The brutal murder of the Saudi Journalist Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Turkey stirred the world not just in its brutality but in the dire daring of the Saudi system to systemize such murder officially. They could have had a car hit and run him down and kill him, poisoned him, a spontaneous shooting, any crime we see that can go unsolved, at least in front of the public. 

When Naji al Ali was killed, the murder had a hiding face behind the Mossad. People chose to believe the PLOs version of the story, totally ignoring it, wiping out the apparent reality that Naji al Ali dared to criticize or to point out a personal affair of Arafat. The famous Rashida Mahran affair was his last caricature, yet the Palestinian public blamed the Mossad. IT could have been, of course, the Mossad involved and conducted even the assassination, but the decision was a Palestinian one. 

The brutality in the murder of Nizar Banat composes of how all collaborate to conduct murder and cover it up. 

First, the Palestinian security forces could not have entered or reached the place where Nizar was “securing” himself if it was not for the military\ security coordination and authorization of Israel. Second, Nizar was staying in an Area where the PA officials are not allowed to enter at all, and on top of all with official uniform and operations.

According to the eyewitnesses of Nizar’s family members, the scene of the bombardment of the place, with over 20 security officials\ soldiers, the tear gas, bombs, and shooting use. The brutality of hitting to death could not have ever happened if a decision from the highest level was made. 

So who makes decisions? 

The security is the responsibility of the Minister of Interior, who is, in this case, also the Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh. 

As a result of the composition of its Preventive Security, Intelligence, Police, Coordination Ministry, and the Governor, the Security sector is under his charge. 

In the case of the Corrupt Palestinian Regime, the whirlpool of power extends the government. It inhabits the Central Commission of Fateh (CCF), the governing party in the West Bank chunks. And interestingly to an outsider, cynically to a Palestinian, the Minister of Interior, who is also the Prime Minister, is also a member of the CCF. The Chief of the Intelligence is also a member of the CCF. The Chief of the Coordination is also a member of the CCF. The Chief of the Preventive Security is also in the same house, in the Revolutionary Commission of Fateh. 

All these are under the President’s command, who is the head of the PA, the CCF, and the PLO. 

So, the responsibility and the direct order to liquidate Nizar came from the highest level, Mahmoud Abbas, conducted with his second-highest level operators: Prime Minister\Minister of Interior, Chief of Intelligence, Chief of Coordination. The third high level was the Chief of Preventive Security, the Governor (who oversees the Police and security), and the legal system represented by the Attorney General (who issued warrants and claims against citizens). 

Next comes the critical question: Who supports this system? The Palestinian people? The rallies that took the streets yesterday in Ramallah say that the people are in profound contempt. The anger, anguish, grieve that found their way inside every Palestine soul and heart prove one more time that this system is illegitimate and is here against Palestinians will. One would say, why don’t we just hit the streets and throw these people out. Why should we go out knowing that these people will kill us? This is not a system that is ruled by law. People are not protected by international law. 

Because we Palestinians are the scapegoats, the wash guards the world’s interests in maintaining a status quo where Israel continues to prosper and flourish in supremacy and dominance. 

It doesn’t matter what happens inside the Palestinian swamp, as long as those crocodiles feed themselves on their Palestinian creatures. 

Should they commit a massacre with massive killings? They can save themselves from this temporarily as they can threaten every Palestinian whose salary is paid by the PA. 

Those not threatened by their salaries can be tracked and dragged to detention centers and prisons and end up eventually like Nizar.  

The international community, with its governments, institutions, and people, are also responsible for this murder because they know very well that they have been supporting a systemic corruption in the last years that only increases, and the situation of Palestinians are deteriorating. And yet, they support such a corrupt criminal system. 

Nizar and tens like him, including myself, were victims of this corrupt criminal system that continue to assassinate our existence and threaten our lives. The world chooses not only to support but to watch. 

Since the last American decision to “strengthen” the PA in the West Bank in Infront of its opponent power in Gaza, Hamas, the reality on the ground reflected escalating suppression of freedoms; on top of them is the freedom of expression, and floating next to it corruption that reaches the doorsteps of our homes. 

Corruption is systemized everywhere: Ministries, Institutions, Businesses, access to borders controlled by these people. 

We are reaching this level where we became US and THEM. And it is the international community that is maintaining this. 

When Nizar called for a European court to hold the PA accountable for its corruption, maybe he was not wise to put it too forward. I am thinking of it now as I am putting the international community responsible for what is happening and cannot reconsider what he meant. It is too late now, maybe, since the man is gone. And it was Nizar’s life sacrificed for this absence of accountability from the international community to the PA systemic corruption. 

Corruption kills. 

Corruption is not just mere grabbing of money, nepotism, frauds, briberies, abuse of power. Corruption involves killing. It consists of the liquidation of people, not only drying resources and energy.

It is the international community’s support to such a regime that allows such crimes to continue. 

As long as corruption rules, more crimes committed by this regime will continue. 

Today we witnessed the assassination of a human being by the police\guards of a regime in such a violent, direct manner. Tomorrow, it may be my turn. 

Unlike Nizar, I will not leave behind a statement… Martyrs leaving their Wills behind is developing a disability. It is better to leave knowing you are already wasted.


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