Daughters of Palestine : Not a Review

Daughters of Palestine: Not a Review Before I even put a sentence into this, I am definite this will not be a review. The title of the book, as much as the content is so personal in its real perspective, that it makes it impossible to study. But yet, I wanted to do that, because I […]

نيجيريا التي انصفت المرأة

you don’t need a ghetto .. an oven … You live under occupation

Israelis find it too much to describe them as Nazis. I would have been tolerant about it until this morning. As Israeli “ pretentious peace seekers” were demanding our empathy and regret as Palestinians, like Abu Mazen towards the settlers kidnapping/death, and as part of an organized agenda, we see them sympathizing today not yesterday, […]

A kidnapping of a nation

A kidnaping of a nation

Palestine … the Cause

Watching the news might be a bit of frightening seeing the Israeli army losing its temper and patience aimlessly, fearfully attempting to find the abducted soldiers/youth settlers( Israel claims they are not soldiers). But I remind myself with the fact that it is another time we are face-to-face with the true face of occupation. What […]

A reflection on Occupation: A day in real life-Anata

A day in Real Life Today was a real extraordinary day. I went to ICAHD the building camp in the morning, and we were informed that there is a demolition about to take place somewhere, either in A-Tour or E-Sawiyyeh. Meir said that in order not to provoke the Border Police, not everyone should come […]

A diary on Occupation : The language I use is the language I feel .

The language I use is the language I feel. Sometimes there is no place left for making it softer. Today I received this from an Israeli friend responding to my post about the Israeli invasion of Palestine TV program Good Morning Jerusalem: “I think this piece (as well as some others) would be far more […]

Life Under Occupation : Invading Palestine TV (Palmedia Studios) in Jerusalem

Life under occupation : Invading Palestine TV in Jerusalem   Another episode with the occupation took place this morning when the Israeli forces invaded the Live Broadcasting of Good Morning Jerusalem Show in Jerusalem ,and arrested the Producer and the Cameraman . As I was looking at it , I felt this was taking place […]

Reflections on Occupation : My dog and the President

  My dog and the president ( a confused title for a confused situation) My search for Brownie (the dog), reminded me of our failure as a nation. I was wondering like a fool probing for a “stolen” dog, that seemed appealing in the eyes of those youngsters inside a society, those eyes you with […]

A diary on Occupation : Humanitarian Tourism

Humanitarian Tourism… Living in a life full of contradictions. Injustices and integrity. Prejudice and gender equality. Regimes being destroyed, autonomies being occupied under liberation notions and emancipation. Dictatorship supported under the rule of law conceptions and shadows of democracy. Men, women, children… dead bodies spread all over the world, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Palestine …..and […]

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