Incoherence of a Nation : Death Sentence Against Mursi

Death Sentence against Mursi I have been trying my best to avoid indulging in the topic. Keeping distance from other nations affairs. IT should be the Palestinian trauma of the fall of Mursi and Hamas when suddenly all this massive huge tens and tens and dozens of times exceed us Palestinians and Palestine in population […]

This is how we fought in Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Testimonies

rammed by media

Browsing through the different news outlets, between israeli and palestinian ones, made me stop and think of how reality is shaped through a certain journalist on one side of each sides. Sarcastically, however , it is only those from each belonging sides that read that news. taking the murder of the Palestinian young man yesterday […]

Talking Jerusalem

June 2013 Ir Amim, Divided Jerusalem or United Talking Jerusalem, Living under occupation has always been a striving drive towards maintaining an identity that shapes Palestinians in general and in Jerusalem in particular despite the situation. In spite the fact that it might have been a weakness decades along that we Palestinians pretended the non-existence […]

kidnapped settlers vs abducted nation

A week is closing with the Israeli continuous brutal invasion to everything Palestinian. I am not sure how a coincidence all this is . A vicious attack that targets with everything else Children and Universities. As someone who works on a university Campus that became used to the insane nonsense of targeting a university campus […]

Seriously !!!! well, It is true israel has expertise on colonolization

Seriously !!!! well, It is true israel has expertise on colonolization

When Injustice becomes law…. Resistance becomes Duty

When injustice becomes law …. Resistance becomes a Duty The photo with a person covered with the Palestinian flag and a statement that says: When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. A quote by Thomas Jefferson, the American founding father, the principle author for the declaration of independence and the third American president. Ok, this […]

Palestine … the Cause

Watching the news might be a bit of frightening seeing the Israeli army losing its temper and patience aimlessly, fearfully attempting to find the abducted soldiers/youth settlers( Israel claims they are not soldiers). But I remind myself with the fact that it is another time we are face-to-face with the true face of occupation. What […]

A reflection on Occupation: A day in real life-Anata

A day in Real Life Today was a real extraordinary day. I went to ICAHD the building camp in the morning, and we were informed that there is a demolition about to take place somewhere, either in A-Tour or E-Sawiyyeh. Meir said that in order not to provoke the Border Police, not everyone should come […]

Reflection on Occupation : Back from Abroad through the Allenby Bridge

Coming back to the same time zone and twilight zone as well … as if all my feelings and sensations that I left right here on this border of the bridge when I left Jerusalem a week ago are back waiting all jamming like those people I have been around for the last few hours […]

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