In the name of brotherhood…and Islam

The shame of aggression under Brotherhood I am not yet sure, if this shameful situation the Arab world lives in is a result of the exposure of social media, whereas, nothing is hidden anymore, and of course it is just a reflection of a reality that always encountered the Arab world and its leaderships, or it is a new situation, as a result of the conspiracies of the western world led by the United States…
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في العشق لغة

في العشق لغة تتردد كلماتها وتتجدد في كل مرة لتكون فقط للحبيب . لا تتشابه كلماتها حتى ولو تطابقت . من الصعب الوصول آلو أعماقها حتى ببساطة معانيها . فالعشق لغة عمقها بشق قولها ، عاص شاق قاتل لمن لم تحرقه شظايا لهيب تلك الهوة . فبين دفء ووهج حريق تصلى شظاياه عقل وقلب العاشق وتلسع فؤاد المعشوق .

انتظارك غبار الزمن

انتظرتك في زمن منذ زمن لتأتي في زمن انتظرك فيه ولم تأت ولن تأتي لأن الزمن بالزمن لا يلتقي فلكل في زمن زمانه ولكل زمان اهله وناسه وزمني وزمنك من ازمنة لا تلتقي فالزمن في حضرة الغياب زمن والغياب مع الزمن يندثر في زمن اخر بعيد والانتظار على اروقة الزمن زمان ماض يمضي بالزمن ويترك وراءه على ارصفة الانتظار غبار معترة خانقة جافة غبرة

it is not just another video ….

My daughter sent me this video to ask me about one person inside that looked like my cousin . I opened it and thought how all Palestinian men kind of look the same when they are screaming . how the same scene keeps repeating itself with different faces that becomes hard to distinguish at some point . A Palestinian mass screaming against an israeli something mass, it could be israelis dressed as police ,as soldiers…
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preaching the unpreachable

Having many children, and coming from a big family with many siblings (sisters mainly) has lots of advantages, after finishing all the complaints about it. Mainly, it is the trending stories and actions that never end. The continuous reflection on ones owns exploration and others. It is a whole society within a single family. All the trends that are currently taking place in a moment and the other, all make a live interaction in my…
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A scream from the heart of Oppression

Almost a year ago, my niece left home to the old city to go to the Aqsa without telling anyone . it was the very first time of a 12 years old to leave the house and use public transportation on her own. given the hysteric situation and danger that surrounds us , especially that Jerusalem was witnessing a wave of kidnapping by israeli fundamental terrorists. her parents rushed to the police, who in the…
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هناك شيء مفقود

هناك شيء مفقود تهدأ فجأة الأعاصير المحيطة في حياتنا ونرفع كؤؤس الاحتفالات والبهجة والفرحة ، فتعاود العواصف هبتها لنختبيء خلف ظلال لا تحمل شجر ولا تتختبىء وراءها بيوت . ثم نخرج من جديد وندعي فرحة ونقيم حفلة ، ونرقص على نغمات موسيقية وأصوات وزعقات . ونعاود الكرة ، فإذا بنا في نواح ونحيب وصراخ بعزاء. نتابع الاخبار على استحياء ، فتحمل لنا على حبر الايام والاحلام مزاعم لم يبق بها الا ارتدادات لاصوات مللنا سماعها…
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Something is missing

Something is missing … It is not just a matter of a political chaos . A confusion in how we read news and how we make it . It is not just a matter of oppression pressed and squeezed on us and around us from all directions and by whoever can . There is something about us that is missing … as we rally in our emotions in happiness and applauding .In grieve and wailing.…
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Originally posted on Desertpeace:
Israel protests Hungary’s Eurovision entry Song includes condemnation against Israeli operation in Gaza, mentions number of dead Palestinian children. Israel is protesting Hungary’s Eurovision entry, which includes condemnation against Operation Protective Edge and mentions the number of Palestinian children killed during the 2014 Israeli military campaign.  Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor turned to the Hungarian broadcasting authority, expressed his country’s reservations over the planned song and asked that the problematic segment be…