Rula Amin .. the charge of being a mother … not that special story ..just another woman story

I could be negative while trying to promote this . Admittedly , it stirred many bad continuous feelings of inner and outer oppression that women live . Some stories are publicised and many other never see the light . yet, women all over continue to suffer . an while women around the world get stronger as they achieve more socially and publicly . in the arab world, women are likely to get more oppressed . not just by a husband or a family but by a whole system that unites to strangle any possibility for a woman’s survival…
The story of Rula Amin, the renowned Journalist of aljazira English , is just another story of a muslim woman strangles daily by a patriarchal law that works under a religion that claims to work out the hand of God.
Maybe a fight with Rula Amin to regain her freedom again for the crime she committed for insisting to keep her five year old child with her , may stir some justice for her and hopefully for a better future for women .


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