A year ago , I started this blog …
It was nothing but another attempt to find my own way out in reaching something inside me with the outside world that is yet not fully realized.
I havent expected anything except a way to put myself and writing together in one place, instead of that hectic chaos on my different desktop \ laptops. I thought I should have some organizational structure that is definitely absent from my life.
well, a year later , i am pretty sure, it is me who is apparently with some distracting energy against organization .. but yet , i am enjoying it .
this blog gave me a great opportunity to express myself , more freely than ever, and yet , with some self censorship that includes better watch on my grammar and language issues.
Among the things I didn’t expect was the exposure I received . The feedback , the appreciation of the people who visited and read my reflections .
With every “like” and “comment” , I feel like a little child anxiously waiting for a prize on a game .
Among the so many things I continue to nag about inside me life.. there are a few things, that include of course my children and those words of appreciation \ recognition \ and simple walking through my thoughts that makes life a real worth place to be….

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity … of allowing me to “keep” “me” …

11 thoughts on “This blog… a year after
  1. You are a good teacher to someone half a world away. I know much more — more than news media show — about what you face half a world away from me..


  2. The ‘likes’ are wonderful but comments can make your day! Happy blogaverssary 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on a successful first year! I enjoy reading the English entries and learn a lot but have no idea what is in the Arabic 🙂 Good luck with the second year!

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  4. How quickly time passes. I “met” you shortly after you started through one of your reblogged posts. Knowing you has greatly enriched my life. Experiencing the suffering of Gaza through your understanding gave me greater understanding. Getting to know you as a woman, mother, and peace worker has made you a real person. Who knows, someday we may actually be able to look into each other’s eyes. Until then, I’m happy you decided to blog in such an open, wise, and giving fashion.


  5. Thank you. I’m glad my comments do mean something to you.

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  6. Don’t apologize! I know your life is more than busy – -aside from job, children, just the life you live. I don’t always comment either. But, it’s good to know that on both sides our comments are meaningful and our relationship has substance. I’m happy you have the “like” star. Just seeing that knows the communication is valued.


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