like a mountain

Sometimes we need an illusion of a mountain to make us reach out to who we truly are, to our highest potentials.

To fully realize once we look down that it is us who r holding a mountain not other way round.

Only then we can get hold of the giants in us and kick the illusion of the mountain with a blow that sometimes might be so strong that it can even make the illusion to believe he is a real mountain….

and it might take him a while to realize that he was never except an illusion and it was our only strength that transformed an illusion to a mountain

, but in reality there has never been a mountain in that place.

One comment

  1. I like this, might not be what you were alluding too. But one of my favorite meditations is one called mountain in which I embody a mountain. And then of course, I’ve commented before on how on some levels this whole material existence is an illusion.

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