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I started this month by getting myself in a reading challenge on the occasion of my birthday , due the 20th of August. I challenged myself to read 20 books marking my Date of birth . However, by the tenth of the month I finished the twenty and I was left with a stronger urge to read . So I thought let’s do the challenge more challenging , and as I am turning 47 , let me see what a 47 year head can do .

And I did it…

so turning 47 … I am 47 times wiser and of course smarter .

I am by all means a lot more ignorant…. realizing how rich the world of reading is … and how wasteful life we live missing discovering the world through those who wrote history with all what it carries with heritage, science , culture , politics, knowledge, philosophy , literature ….and somehow we are wasted in what will become history….

1.Alber Camus- the stranger

2.Alber Camus- the Plague

3.Umberto Eco- foucault’s pendulum

4.Hemingway- the sun also rises

5.William Faulkner-the sound and the fury

6.George Orwel- animal farm

7.W.Shakespeare-The sonets

8.Hemingway-The old man and the sea

9.Catch 22

10.East of eden

11. Dostevsky-Crime and punishment

12. Chekhov – A joke

13.عنبر رقم ٦ . Chekhov ward #6

14.Jason Ibsen-The lady from the sea

15. Luigi Pirandello- la morsa ساعة الحساب

16. خان الخليلي نجيب محفوظ najuib Mahfouz khan al Khalidi

17.في الطريق – تشيكوفChekhov – on the way

18.الامير- ماكيفيلي Machiavelli – the prince

19.البخلاء -الجاحظal Jaheth- the stingy

20.أخبار الحمقى -ابن الجوزيIbn al jawzi – news from the fools

21.شارون وحماتي – سعاد عامريSuad amiri – Sharon and my mother in law

22.المقدمة – ابن خلدونIbn Khaldun – the introduction

23. طوَّق الحمامة -ابن حزمIbn hazm- the ring of the dove

24.كتاب الحيوان -الجاحظal Jaheth- the book of animals

25.رسالة حي بن يقظان -ابن طفيلIbn tufail – hay bin yaqthan

26.فضائل الكلاب على كثير ممن لَبْس الثياب / ابن المرزبانIbn marzaban – the virtue of dogs on those who wear clothes

27. لا تعتذر عما فعلت محمود درويشMahmoud darweish – don’t apologize for what you have done

28 سلسلة العلماء المسلمين الجاحظthe collection of mus scholars / al Jaheth

29رحلات ابن بطوطةtrips of Ibn battuta

30. المتنبي – محمود محمد شاكرMahmoud shaker – al mutanabbi

31 .علي شريعتي- النباهة والاستحمارali shariati – anabaha wal istihmar

32- المتنبي -ديوان المتنبيal mutanabbi – Diwan al mutanabbi

33.رسالة في الطريق الى ثقافتنا -محمود محمد شاكرMahmoud shaker – a message in the way to put culture

34.على الوردي -حول طبيعة الانسانali al wardi – about the human nature

35.حقيقة كتاب الموتىthe truth about the book of the dead

36.على الوردي – خوارق اللا شعور او اسرار الشخصية الناجحةali al wardi – the secrets of successful personalities

37. منطق ابن خلدون- علي الورديali al Wardi – logic of Ibn khaldun

38. ديوان اللزوميات -ابو العلاء المعريabu ala Maarri – diwan al luzoumiyyat

39. المعذبون في الارض – طه حسينTaha hussein – the wretched of the earth

40. طبائع الاستبداد /عبد الرحمن الكواكبيAbdul rahman al kawakbi – nature of despotism

41. أباطيل واسمار -محمود محمد شاكرMahmoud Mohammad shaker – abateel wa asmaar

42. جمهرة مقالات الاستاذ محمود محمد شاكرMahmoud Mohammad shaker – collection of articles

43.مذكرات عمر بن ابي ربيعة (ايّام حزينة)diaries of omar Ibn abi Rabia

44. وعاظ السلاطين -على الورديali al Wardi – consultants of the sultans

45.Edward said out of place

46.Edward said on culture and imperialism

47.Frantz fanon the wretched of the earth

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