Touring around Granacica -Kosovo with a dog

I was walking around with colleagues in the streets of Gracanica, a peaceful small town in Kosovo, sightseeing the area, which has a few monuments to show,but by all means worthy of seeing , a 13th century monastery and an archaeological park in a close by town called Ulpania. A dog walked us through the whole way peacefully and at some point became our companion.along the way there was a group of puppies gathered trying to protect each other from the cold weather and rain. I was looking around hoping to find a shop where I could at least feed the nice companion through the six kilometers walk.just before we were about to arrive and as we were entering to the street where our hotel is ,a loud bark came out from a dog that took me by surprise in a nearby house. Just before I could look back , the poor dog was heading back to the other way. It was really sad to see how dogs managed to freak other dogs. I was all the way thinking of the brutality of humans against dogs. About what’s happening back home we with the brutal ugly behavior of the mayor of Hebron who called children to hunt out dogs for a trophy in return. But then there was this bullying that occurred in an instant from house dogs who decided that the poor dog is a street dog that does not belong to the neighborhood. It felt bad to be helpless. At least I can scream at a human but I didn’t know how screams can be barked .

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