THE moment

It is a moment with unexpected emotional explosion . I thought that there are moments that become a habit .Just another moment for another special occasion. It’s quite otherwise … To just find myself sitting before even anything started . Not that moment when you see your young  man entering that pathway out of his childhood […]

لحظة حياة من الحياة وللحياة

عندما تصبح اللحظة المخطط لها ان تكون عابرة دهرا . عندها يرمي الدهر بثقله بانهيار مفاجيء على أفئدتك. تصبح الذكريات سيولا من الدموع المنهمرة المتدفقة هائجة في ارجاء وجهك . ذكريات لحياة كاملة لا تزال تعيشها بلحظاتها لدرجة انك لم تدرك حتى اللحظة هذه انها صارت ذكريات فالشاب العابر أمامك بعباءة التخرج لا يزال بذاكرتك […]

terrorism within

My heart is crying … not just my eyes. Yes it is stupidly selfish. I didn’t cry for the boys in Hebron or in Ramallah, or in Jenin. They seemed far … I could only sympathize. But this makes me feel burns in my heart. It is so close. It could have been my son. […]

another day in Palestinian childhood

another day in Palestinian childhood this is one of the most frustrating videos I have seen . it is so damn unfair to watch children subjugated to such injustice. what does the world , Abu Mazen , Israelis expect from these children when they grow …..

As the search for the Israeli settlers/soldiers is going on , daily abduction to palestinian children continues

Each day I grow…

Each day I grow into maturity , I realise how much the child in me , probably a teenager by now needs to flourish . It is amazing how it comes together .. Maturity and nourishing the child within…. This is the story of my life… A search backed up by my four rays of […]

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