rammed by media

Browsing through the different news outlets, between israeli and palestinian ones, made me stop and think of how reality is shaped through a certain journalist on one side of each sides. Sarcastically, however , it is only those from each belonging sides that read that news. taking the murder of the Palestinian young man yesterday […]

Journalism : the tool that makes the arts of politics..possible.

Journalism: the tool that makes the arts of politics possible . Another catchy article this morning, it is again about the epic legendary Auschwitz visit of the former university professor. It is a bit of awakening call for my naivety I would say. It is a just a confirmation that media is not about right […]

Life Under Occupation : Invading Palestine TV (Palmedia Studios) in Jerusalem

Life under occupation : Invading Palestine TV in Jerusalem   Another episode with the occupation took place this morning when the Israeli forces invaded the Live Broadcasting of Good Morning Jerusalem Show in Jerusalem ,and arrested the Producer and the Cameraman . As I was looking at it , I felt this was taking place […]

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